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Land of Mind was incorporated in 2002 in California as a non-profit, 501(c)3, organization.
The idea of an organization with such a mission was developed over the years.
Now we are at the stage of developing, and publishing on this website, educational materials which are consistent with our mission and philosophy.
You may contact us with your suggestions or offers to get involved.
There is a lot of work ahead of us, but we are committed to make this a success.
We feel that we need to give back to our community, and this is our way to say YES.

Marin Cionca, MPA, JD



Mission Statement

Our mission is to help us the people, expand our interest in education and the ability to reason, to think logically.

Our Philosophy


Life is an equation with many variables, and more are added every day. The information age grows rapidly, and sometimes, we may feel confused and overwhelmed by the avalanche of information we need to process. There are also situations when we use insufficient information for the task at hand. In both circumstances, the choices we make are far from being the best. We all can confirm this observation if we make an effort to objectively look at our past, and people and organizations around us.

Our goal is to challenge and to improve our thinking capacity in order to be effective in gathering, analyzing, and utilizing information. We need to understand how much and what type of information we need in a particular situation, and how and when we must complicate or simplify the reasoning process. If we can do that, our learning, teaching, decision making, and life choices in general, would greatly improve.


We strongly believe that these goals can be achieved through formal as well as through informal education. School related studies, as well as real life experiences, personal readings or studies, may all be very effective in one’s intellectual growth. We will try to add to what is available today, by developing and publishing educational materials that are primarily focused on stimulating our mind, and less on their informative attribute. We feel that in this area help is needed, and we want to help.


We imagine a society with a larger number of its members having a good to strong reasoning capacity, which in turn, is balanced by a solid ethical code. Such a society will function better at all levels, and the quality of life will be elevated for all of us. Many brave predecessors started, and many brave contemporaneous people continue, to build on this central social edifice. We are willing to do our part by adding our brick to this edifice. Join the Team.

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